Vision & Mission Statement


  • To provide for early detection of diabetes and pre-diabetes state
  • To promote a global approach to diabetes care in order to improve quality of life and prevent avoidable, associated, complications.
  • To contribute to the activities of the ‘non-communicable diseases department’ of the Ministry of Health in Mauritius in the implementation of its “National Services Framework For Diabetes”.

Mission Statement

  • To help the optimum number of people at risk of developing diabetes and/or the associated complications, using an ethical and professional approach.
  • To bring excellence in diabetes care and management to everyone, regardless of their financial status, creed or social background.
  • To promote a participative approach through collaboration with the local community.
  • To co-operate with trustworthy partners who have clearly defined responsibilities, and share the same vision.
  • To work as a team in association with: NGOs and international institutions, Technical partners and local institutions, International stakeholders.

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