Word from the President

Since 1985, APSA International has had the privilege of serving the nation of Mauritius in the health sector, bringing aid and assistance to more than 100 000 people. Its main activities have included the organising and sending of patients needing treatment abroad, oral health education, prevention of domestic accidents, diabetes care and management, voluntary help in hospitals, a foster care program for children in difficulty. These activities were made possible thanks to the confidence and support of our sponsors, of various foreign Embassies, and of the local authorities, to whom we are continually grateful. More recently, APSA International has revised its objectives and centred it efforts on the care of diabetes, while still continuing its other activities on a reduced scale. Today, we feel the moment has come for APSA International to offer to neighbouring countries the experience it has acquired over the years, which is, after all, simply the expression of a heart for the sick and underprivileged.

Audrey HARDY, President of APSA International

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