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Advanced Wound Care Training

APSA International, in association with Mauritius Research Council (MRC) & ChemTech, organised a 3 day training course (16th to 18th May) on ‘Advanced Wound Care’.  This course was delivered by Liezl Naude, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Wound Management and the Founder of Eloquent Learning Health. This event took place in Riche Terre where about 50 participants from different healthcare services attended the training.

The objective of this training was to increase the knowledge of the participants on diabetic foot ulcer management so as to better evaluate and manage the wound and hence, give the appropriate treatment in order to prevent amputation. Each year, in Mauritius, around 500 amputations are due to diabetes. 85% of these amputations could have been prevented with appropriate preventive care.

During the training, different subjects have been addressed namely, ‘Anatomy of Diabetic Foot, Complications in the Diabetic Foot, Phases of Wound Healing’ among others. Practical sessions were also conducted so that participants could get some hands on experience.

In addition, each participant took part in a pre and post-test to test their knowledge before and after the training. There was a clear overall improvement in the participants’ knowledge of proper wound care management.

Emmanuelle Azor, Wound Care Practitioner and Clinic Manager at APSA stated that, “it’s important for medical practitioners to know the latest techniques in Wound Care Management.” She also added that, “in Mauritius, the number of foot ulcers are increasing among diabetic patients. It’s hence essential to have a well-trained personnel.’  

Since 2009, the APSA Foot Care Clinic has provided wound care, foot assessments and education in self-management & foot hygiene to 5000 patients.

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