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APSA celebrated the World Diabetes Day

Since its creation in 1991, the World Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on 14th November. To mark that day, APSA in collaboration with Radio 1 organised various activities on Wednesday 8th November at L’Eglise Immaculée Conception in Port-Louis. Other NGOs like Groupement des Diabétiques, Diabetes Safeguard as well as Farouk Hossen Opticians were also present.

The objective was to raise awareness on diabetes & its complications. According to statistics   of the Ministry of Health, more than 250,000 persons suffer from that disease and 1 person out of 2 are diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The team of APSA which consisted of doctors, dietitian, podiatrist, nurses and educators were present for this day to offer free screening for diabetes & hypertension, waist circumference, personalise counselling & tasting. The Foot Care Karavan was also present to evaluate the feet of patients with diabetes.

Some 269 persons had been screened and 52 diabetes patients received a foot assessment in order to prevent complications like amputation.

This year, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has dedicated this day around the theme on ‘ Women & Diabetes – Our Right to a Healthy Future’. APSA had hence offered a goody bag which contained a DVD of recipe, a voucher for free foot care at APSA & ‘a livret du pied’ to all diabetic women.

Note that for this event, there was the bimonthly radio program ‘Pran Ou Diabet En Main’ (PODEM) which united several doctors from the Private & Public Sector, the Representative of World Health Organisation (WHO) in Mauritius, Dr Laurent Musango and NGOs.  Gestational Diabetes was one amongst several themes which were addressed.

For Audrey Hardy, President & Founder of APSA stated that ‘Diabetes is not a fatality if we take care of our health. APSA’s mission is to help people with diabetes to have a better quality of life and to prevent complications related to that disease. We have a dynamic team which offer several services to the patients, namely foot care, medical consultation, Neuro-Rehabilitation, workshop on nutrition & education program; With the help of all partners concerned – private & public, we could halt the progression of diabetes in Mauritius’.

In order to prevent & control diabetes, it is vital to eat healthy & balanced diet, avoid cigarette and alcohol, practise a physical activity & regularly visit a doctor.

You can view the videos of this event posted on the facebook page of Radio 1 & the website of Maurice info by clicking:

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