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APSA continues its fight against diabetes!

APSA held the 4th in its series of free diabetes screenings for the public on Saturday 9 July 2011, at Riviere des Anguilles Community Centre.

During the day people from Riviere des Anguilles and the surrounding areas visited the Community Centre, and benefitted from the comprehensive screening offered to each visitor. The team, made up of doctors, nurses specialised in the field of diabetes and health educators, offered advice and a listening ear throughout the process. Each visitor left with a clear picture of his or her state of health, and information on what to do next.

454 people were screened, 66 of which were known to have diabetes. The screening was carried out in partnership with the US Embassy and a number of private Mauritian companies, and forms part of APSA’s global program for 2010 – 2011 targetting 4 different regions in the island.

The aim of this program is to:

  • Identify 400 people suffering from diabetes and/or at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, within the communities being screened.
  • Invite those identified to join educational group therapy sessions in their area (on how to reduce cardiovascular risks, control fat intake, and get enough exercise) in order to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Three other regions have already been screened: Flacq, Goodlands and Roche-Bois. The program is already proving to be successful: amongst 350 people screened from 2007 – 2009, 70% have changed their lifestyles, and their health has improved as a result (reduced weight, waist measurement and cholesterol).

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