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APSA in the West

Part of APSA’s mission is to provide services to the nation for the early detection of diabetes and pre-diabetes. In the coming months, APSA will be in full force in the west region of Mauritius conducting free awareness sessions and screenings among the underprivileged. This project will be launched soon and will be held in Black River.
The objectives of this endeavour is to:
● Prevent the on-set of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease by early detection of risk factors
● Educate the population on type 2 diabetes and its complications
● Prevent unnecessary complications due to uncontrolled diabetes
● Follow up with diabetic patients on a long-term basis
APSA will be working in collaboration with other regional NGOs such as Le Pont du Tamarinier. This has been made possible through the initiative and support of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
A registered nurse and dedicated dietitian will carry out the awareness sessions where they will discuss multiple topics related to diabetes; glycaemia, healthy eating and physical exercise just to name a few.
The screening will be mainly on diabetes, hypertension and waist circumference etc…and on the spot advice from professional nurses, doctors and health educators.
Stay tuned on APSA International’s facebook page for the dates and location of this project.

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