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APSA’s Flag day

With over 255,000 people in Mauritius living with diabetes and a predicted growth of the epidemic, it has become evident that this problem needs to be addressed more aggressively than ever before. Even the latest report of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) highlighted that 1 out of 4 Mauritians has diabetes.
Every year, APSA International holds its Flag Day in December in the hope of raising funds in order to continue providing high quality services to the public at a reduced cost. Note that APSA proposes a variety of services to the diabetic patients and their families namely:
• Foot & Wound Care
• Neuro-Rehabilitation
• Nutrition Session
• Education Session
• Consultations with Health Professionals

The fund collected will be used to empower people living with diabetes so as to raise the level of urgency and the need to address diabetes in Mauritius.
We, once again, make an appeal to the generosity of the Mauritians to help us to continue our fight against diabetes. Without your support, we will be unable to continue our mission. If you will to make a contribution, you can do bank transfer via 00002 37 67 960. For more details, call us on 467 5858.
Together against diabetes.

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