Collaboration of WHO/APSA

Part of APSA’s mission is to provide services to the nation for the early detection of diabetes and pre-diabetes. In August, APSA with the collaboration with regional NGOs ‘Le Pont Du Tamarinier’  and ‘Kolektif Rivier Nwar’ organized an awareness session on diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases as well as a full day screening in Black River. This ambitious project has been made possible with the collaboration and support of the World Health Organization (WHO). 

From these activities, APSA has been able to offer a free therapeutic education program to both diabetics and those considered to be at risk along with free blood tests vouchers. Additionally, those with diabetes have benefitted from a foot assessment. 

Note that this project aimed to reach the local populations in the short, medium and long term through collaboration and the training of local health ambassadors at work in the community. 

The Founder and President of APSA, Audrey Hardy stated that “With more than 300,000 people living with diabetes in Mauritius, it is more than urgent to educate the population about this impact of type 2 diabetes. The particularity of this program is that not only people at risk are being followed up and accompanied by health professionals and by other local NGOs. The collaboration with “Le Pont Du Tamarinier and other local NGOs” makes Rivière Noire an ideal platform for the realization of this project. I also wish to thank WHO for their support for this project.”

A new branch in the west Furthermore, since September, APSA has opened a new branch in Rivière Noire by mainly providing services in prevention, education and care against the onset of diabetes or its complications as well as cardiovascular diseases linked to obesity/metabolic syndrome.

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