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‘Educational and Support Project’

‘Kontrol ou diabète, pa less li kontrol ou’

A healthy lifestyle is essential in the management of chronic diseases like diabetes. APSA has been offering ‘Support and Educational Sessions’ for diabetic & pre-diabetic patients since April of this newsletter. These sessions consist of group workshops and an individual follow up to help patients learn how to live well with diabetes and its complications.
Hence, this type of therapeutic education allows patients to properly manage their disease, be more independent and benefit from a better quality of life. These sessions are being conducted by a registered nurse and a dedicated dietitian. Also, the patient has individual consultations with the doctor and dietitian.
During the sessions, the team uses therapeutic booklets which have clear illustrations and an easy to read format to help patients fully grasp the information communicated. Some of the themes being tackled include; foot care, understanding of cardio-vascular diseases, physical activity and treatment. These sessions last for 5 weeks and the entire program is free of charge!
Diabetes is not a fatality – with the appropriate lifestyle, treatment and knowledge, one can lead a better quality of life. For all those who are interested in joining these sessions, do not hesitate to contact us on 467 5858 or 136.

Patient Testimonial
Together with my wife, I followed all the five sessions of the educational program. I am very satisfied with the training since I learnt a lot of things about diabetes –the importance of physical education, medicines, taking care of my feet etc… I heard about the different services APSA offers via the Radio and I decided to come. I was worried about my feet – fear of losing feeling. The different health professionals advised me to participate in the Educational Sessions, which have been very beneficial for me. -Mr Chamary

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