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Ergonomics : Good Posture. Good Function. Good Health.

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of work, work environment and work tools.

Several studies reveal that there is a high prevalence of injuries and symptoms associated to work related musculoskeletal disorders mainly in the back, as shown in the graph below.


The causes include; bent or twisted work posture and movements, working beyond the forearm’s range of movement far away from the body, periods of work when there is no arm support, static/stationary muscular effort, one-sided repetitive work, manual handling (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling), work above shoulder height, and below knee height.

Kiran YD Seeboruth is an occupational therapist who has specialized in ergonomics. The occupational therapist therefore advises to have an in depth look at the work you do, your environment and the things you need in order to do it well; then, organize them to enhance your comfort and performance. Practising good ergonomics can be a great preventive measure for avoiding musculoskeletal disorders, especially for people suffering from diabetes.

A checklist has been prepared to help you identify the risks at your computer station:

The diagram below shows bad posture and negative effects. However, Kiran has highlighted the appropriate posture to adopt when working.

(The green dot – Points to remember;  The Red dot – Points to avoid)

Some additional tips from the Occupational Therapist:





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