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Nutrition tips for summer

Finally! It is time to emerge from the sluggishness of winter and dive into the bright, hot new season of summer. Summer brings the ideal opportunity to reconcile with our health and to boost up our immune system that fought the harshness of winter. When we think about this time of the year, we also think about the extra daylight hours that can help us get in our vitamin D levels that actively helps in the absorption of calcium and in prevention to premature osteoporosis amongst adults.

There are indeed specific changes that are recommended during this festive season in order to fight common problems such as excessive heat, trying to get close to the ideal waist circumference or acquiring a grip on our blood sugar levels. Yet making too many changes at once or overnight can be an ordeal and people often get caught up in stress. Dietary changes should never have to feel strenuous. Instead, leading a healthy lifestyle means maintaining the pleasure of nourishing yourself and being content in life.  

Go with the Season

Keep your focus on vegetables that are in season. For dessert, let’s try rule out those heavy creamy cheesecakes or rich sugary ice creams and instead opt for the more in-season tropical slices of fresh watermelon that will quench your thirst and help you get in your dose of antioxidants with anti-cancerous properties.

How to deal with dehydration?

Summer means lots of sweating, muscular cramps, mouth dryness and lethargic feelings in between work sessions. It is essential during this time to keep hydrated. Nothing is quite more relaxing after having done a good house cleaning session than to open your fridge and pour yourself a tall glass of cold, homemade, unsweetened ice tea made with red tea, a few mint leaves and lemon slices which proves to be refreshing to our body and power packed with good vitamins. In order to deal with the heat, it is inevitable that we consume at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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