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Pran Ou Diabet En Main: World Diabetes Day Special

Season 2 of our Radio1 collaboration took off splendidly over the last few months, changing from a 30 minute show to a 45 minute one and expanding its panel of participants. Not only did the time increase, but the themes discussed have been varied and rich. This season, the PODEM team visited the Souillac Diabetes and Vascular Health Centre, followed the Karavan for World Diabetes Day, discussed Diabetes related complications in great detail, and had the opportunity to host many high profile Doctors and professionals in the field of Diabetes prevention and care in Mauritius and India. It has been a pleasure to join arms with those on the ground fighting the disease in Mauritius.

This year, in honour of World Diabetes Day, Jean Marie Richard, Director of Imagine Communications, who is always working to advance and universalise the show, was able to group together all the actors in the fight against diabetes in Mauritius for a special two hour broadcast. The panel included the World Health Organisation representative to Mauritius, Dr. Laurent Musango, Ministry of Health representative, Dr. Ozeer, president of the Mauritius Diabetes Association, Dr. Basant Rai, the president of APSA International, Audrey Hardy, Doctor in Charge at APSA, Dr. Damien Stéciuk and many other medical and health professionals. A number of NGO’s also participated; T1DIAMS, Diabetes Safeguard and Groupement de Diabétiques, to name but a few.

In addition to the radio broadcast, the APSA Karavan was stationed outside, as well as a blood glucose testing station and eye screening offered by Diabetes Safeguard and Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital respectively. Overall the day was a huge success with over 90 foot assessments, 80 eye screenings and 100 blood glucose tests carried out.

There is still much more work to be done and we are grateful to Jean Marie Richard and the Radio1 team for taking up the challenge in 2016 as they endeavoured to empower us all to take our health into our own hands and keep our eyes on diabetes!

Stay tuned and listen in to Radio1 every second and last Wednesday of the month.

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