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Post COVID-19 : The way forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a furtive adversary to the world. Fear installed in our mind and the future seemed difficult for people suffering from chronic diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases amongst others. 

 Good nutrition-Promises kept? 

 The COVID-19 left us with some consequences including food insecurity that began emerging during the confinement period. At that time, consumption of fresh vegetables was problematic to people. It was hard to keep all the nutrition education well established pre COVID-19 about adhering to a balanced and well portioned plate. 

 We saw a consequent reduction in consumption of fast foods but, at the same time, we witnessed a rise in refined foods being fed by families to their loved ones. It was challenging to encourage people to exercise in order to spend calories accumulated. 

The way ahead

After the confinement, it is essential to encourage our children and young adults to get back to eating fiber through vegetables, which are facing a gradual decrease in price, as well as pulses and nuts which are filled with beneficial nutrients for the body.

It is also advisable to continue eating good fats and AVOID SUGARY DRINKS. We should be glad to hear that sporting activities are now open and be sure to make good use of such to get some exercise.  Call us on 467 5858 for more information.

With a ray of hope for future good nutrition– Aroushinee Goorapah (Dietitian)

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