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Education Network

Setting up of A “Community Health Care and Educational Network” – a 3 year program in partnership with the World Diabetes Foundation.

APSA Burundi is setting up an organised network which will support persons with diabetes and/or those at risk of developing diabetes or cardio-vascular diseases, through a series of structured education modules (understanding Diabetes and Cardio Vascular risks factors, Nutrition, physical activities) which are repeated each year allowing an evaluation of the person’s progress.Three educational booklets, adapted to the local context and translated in Kirundi, will be given to each participant.Due to the chronic nature of the disease, the patient will be followed-up over a period of 5 years.
APSA will set up the implementation of the action in collaboration with “Diabète au Logis” (Réunion Island), who will provide training for the health educators as well as the scientific support and expertise.

Over a period of 3 years, 3000 persons will benefit from the education follow up and 30 heath educators will be trained. Concurrently 60 doctors and 60 nurses from the public and private sector will be trained to provide the minimal standard care protocol for diabetes. APSA will collaborate with existing structures (Local diabetes association, community health centres, hospitals and NGOs involved in prevention) to implement the following actions:

  1. Screening of patients at risk
  2. Training of health care providers in the community
  3. Coordination with local health structures
  4. Feedback to local government regarding prevalence of diabetes and CVD, as well as medical needs (access to treatment, insulin).

Article about APSA Burundi Project : “When conflict ends, diabetes education must begin”, World Diabetes Foundation

Collaborating health structures in Bujumbura

  • Clinique Prince Louis Rwagatore (Govt hospital)
  • Hôpital Militaire de Kamengue (Govt hospital)
  • S.O.S Area Health Center
  • St Michel Area Health Center
  • Infirmière Sans Frontières (NGO)
  • ALUDIA (NGO) – Association de Lutte contre le Diabète


The 1st training of 20 doctors, 31 nurses/dietician u0026amp; educators was organised in July 2007, over 2 days. Sessions were run in parallel for the doctors as well as the para-medical participants who joined for common sessions and workshops.

Prof Théodore NIYONGABO (Diabetologist), Dr Nestor NITUNGA (internal medicine practitioner u0026amp; endocrinologist) and Dr Frédéric NSABIYUMVA (Diabetologist) from Burundi held some training sessions along side Dr Xavier DEBUSSCHE (hospital practitioner and endocrinologist, head of diabetology dept. CHD Félix Guyon- Réunion Island) and Maryvette BALCOU-DEBUSSCHE (PhD education sciences, research professor).


World Diabetes Day celebrated on the 14h November 2007- APSA Administrator, Mrs Nelly Ange Barandereka, coordinated an Open Day “Journée Portes Ouvertes” at the association with the help of 27 health educators.

Among the 934 persons screened, 108 were known Diabetics and 100 persons had elevated blood sugar. Following this screening 503 persons have been identified with diabetes or cardio vascular risks to attend educational sessions.

Educational group sessions: Between august 2007 – May 2008, 103 group sessions were organised and 954 persons benefited for the 1st education group sessions “learn how to reducing cardio vascular risks by adopting healthy life style behaviours”.

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