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CLOSING DATE: 15th Dec 2020

AGE GROUP: 25-60

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: Certified psychologist

Part time basis

EXPERIENCE: 12 months


Psychologists assess individuals to diagnose their mental, emotional and behavioral disorders and then treat them using a variety of techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy  Psychologists focus on education-related issues, and industrial-organizational psychologists apply psychological principles to workplace problems.

Psychologist Responsibilities:

  • Perform workshops
  • Conduct private psychology consultations
  • Keep consultation room tidy
  • Update patient files, occurrence book, HelloDoc etc. and liaise with the APSA staff for the planning
  • Occasionally be requested to book own appointments
  • Depending on patient needs, conduct paid workshops on specific topics (to be approved beforehand by the Clinic Manager)
  • Use available time between appointments or arising from cancellations to review protocols and other types of documents that will help to improve the ADCC activities
  • Take part in occasional debriefing meetings with other APSA Team members to discuss personalized patient management.
  • Monitor project implementation and give regular feedback to the management team
  • Produce reports on project outcomes
  • Work in close collaboration under the leadership of the Clinic Manager and with every staff member through appropriate communication channel (oral, written) in order to improve APSA’s modus operandi and services.

Psychologist Requirements:

  • Certified Psychologist
  • Bachelor degree in psychology

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