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Screening session in corporates

Are you wanting to organise a Health and Safety Week in your company? And increase the health capital of your employees? APSA proposes its services to corporates.
Did you know that 70% of people suffering from diabetes are actually working in different corporates? Uncontrolled diabetes or a pre-diabetic state can have immediate impact on the performance of an employee namely poor productivity or frequent absenteeism. APSA proposes a health package- screening, awareness session and foot assessment via our Foot Care Caravan.
A dedicated and professional team composed of nurses, educators and a dietitian work together to provide this service on site within companies. This year, we provided this service to DC Admin, RT Knits and LFL.
Awareness session
This 1 hour session helps participants to be aware of the risks factors of diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases. A time of Q&A is provided and each individual is informed of the importance and benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.
We also propose on demand a foot assessment program via our foot care caravan.
Diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases screening
The purpose of the screening is for the early detection of diabetes and those at risk of developing cardio-vascular disease. You will benefit from:
• Capillary glycaemia
• Blood pressure
• Waist circumference/weight
Furthermore, personalized advice is provided on the spot for employees seeking more information regarding their personal screening results.
Statistics report
After the screening, a report will be given to the Human Resource Manager of the company.
Health Cards
Each employee will receive a health card with the results gathered during the screening. This health card can be used for a period of 5 years. Those having high blood pressure, high glucose and/or weight problems will be referred to a health professional. The results of each individual remain strictly confidential and is distributed individually.
If you are interested with this package, do not hesitate to call us on 467 5858 or send us an email on

Corporate Testimonial
‘The awareness session and screening went very well. The staff was happy with the service that they received from APSA- it was the first time that DC Admin organised a health day for the personnel. This campaign has had a positive impact on the staff- now they are more conscious of their health, and consume less fast food and soft drinks’ Mr Yogesh Fowdar Finance Manager, DC Admin

We, at Livestock Feed Ltd, we believe that the health and safety of all concerned parties, is of high priority. In light of this, for the financial year 2017-2018, we chose to run a campaign related to foot care and foot related health issues.
APSA Mauritius was invited to provide assistance and medical care to all employees of Livestock Feed Ltd. The approach was very professional and the response was very positive. A seminar conducted by a podiatrist, summarising the outcome of the campaign and answering all queries from employees, was highly appreciated. Employees got the opportunity to explore all the aspects of foot care.
Thanks to the campaign and the intervention of the podiatrist, there has been an increase in awareness on foot health. Employees are more conscious about the importance of looking after their feet.
We would definitely recommend APSA for more of these activities. ‘

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