Diabetes Follow-Up


Due to the high incidence of Type 2 diabetes in Mauritius, 1 in 4 Mauritian has diabetes. Diabetes and its related illnesses is a serious threat to the social and economic welfare of the families as well as to the general economy of the country. The onset of diabetes is slow and insidious and often without many symptoms. Usually a person will go and see a doctor when diabetes-related complications have already set in.

The high blood glucose level over a period of many years has started to damage nerve endings and blood vessels of the eye, the kidneys and the cardio vascular system and the limbs extremities. If left unattended it leads to blindness, renal failure, cardio vascular diseases and amputations. To reduce the incidence of diabetes complications the patients who are at risk need to be surrounded by a specialised care team.

Our solution

APSA has built the Diabetes Care Centre so as to offer a standard of ‘Excellence’ in diabetes care through a comprehensive approach in patient care and management. The centre’s environment is user friendly and welcoming, designed around 2 green central patios and overlooking one acre park. It will also provide training for health care professionals. The person with diabetes will be able to access in one place all the services that will help him manage his condition and obtain a better quality of life by preventing unnecessary complications.

A unified team approach

The action is focussed on the prevention of diabetes complications by offering a close monitoring of the patient by a multidisciplinary team. The aim is to prevent complication by good monitoring and lowering the Hba1c. The Hba1c will predict the long-term outcome, as it drops in the 1st year so it will reduce the outcome of complications. (UKPDS)

This will translates into (Factor Decrease):

  • Diabetes Related Deaths 42-63%
  • Fatal and non-Fatal MI 28-42%
  • Fatal and non-fatal Stroke 24-36%
  • Cataract extraction 38-57%
  • Heart Failure 32-48%
  • Micro vascular endpoints 60-90%
  • Amputation or Death due to PVD 86-95%

The effects on both patient’s quality of life and potential long-term cost-savings are incalculable, thus improving social and economical status, as well as that of the community.

Drop in Center

APSA Diabetes Care Centre, Trianon, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Services available:

  • Personalised education with diabetes educators
  • Random capillary blood testing, Blood Pressure and BMI testing for anyone with diabetes
  • Consultations with a nutritionist on appointment only
  • Foot care assessment carried out on each person with diabetes

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