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The NEF (National Empowerment Foundation) certifies that APSA has been approved as an association forming part of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program me. See the list of Approved NGOs no. N/1138: APSA International.

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  • Our Partners

    Action Partners

    • Diabète au Logis
    • Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund
    • Baie du Cap Community Center
    • Laboratoire / Clinique de Lorette

    Institutional Partners

    • Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

    International Partners

    • World Diabetes Foundation
    • International Diabetes Federation
    • Decentralised Cooperation Programme - European Union
    • US Embassy

    Private Partners

    • ABC Foods
    • ABC Motors
    • Acon Labs
    • AIO Development co. ltd
    • Atelier Soleil ltée
    • Check In Travel
    • GIBB
    • Global Logistics Solutions Ltd
    • HV International
    • Lafarge
    • La Pirogue
    • Les Moulins de la Concorde ltée
    • Mecom
    • Mosaic Design
    • Motor Mag
    • Naiade Resorts
    • Natec Medical ltd
    • Margarine Industries
    • International Financial Services Limited
    • Tipco
    • Verso Pub
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