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REPORTING TO: CEO and Senior Medical Advisor

ACCOUNTABLE TO: CEO and Senior Medical Advisor

JOB SUMMARY: APSA International is an NGO registered in 1988 and its main focus is to provide quality medical care to the Mauritian population suffering from diabetes. We currently have a vacancy for a Clinic Manager at our APSA Diabetes Care Centre. Experience in diabetes will be highly desirable.


The Clinic manager has the overall supervision of the Clinic under his/her responsibility, including planning, organising, directing and controlling, monitoring of overall and ongoing nursing process


1. Manage daily operations of the practice while maintaining a professional workplace.

2. Ensure that the clinic is adequately staffed and liaise with temporary staff accordingly.

3. Oversee patient appointments to optimize client satisfaction and facility efficiency.
4. Oversee doctors and consultants planning to ensure that they are well implemented.
5. Create electronic tools for work to take place, stat, patients follow up data entry.
6. Validate documents for the use of patients and public.
7. Follow up implementation of new activities, tools.

8. Coordinate and ensure efficient system of communication between clinic staff and consultants within the department.

9. Work on procedures in collaboration of staff and consultants.

10. Participate in the assessment, planning implementation and evaluation of patient care in collaboration with other team members.

11. Support and facilitate management, thus leading to improvement in the standard of care given to patients.

12. Participate in creation of new projects.
13. Plan different work meetings (statistics, procedures, stocks, incidents etc.)

14. Do regular spot checks in order to ensure optimal nursing care to patients, aseptis in clinic.

15. With the Management, to ensure that policies, procedures and standards of care, as well as other information needed are maintained and developed according to clinic policy.

16. Manage and monitor complaints according to clinic policy.

17. Manage and report accidents and serious incidents according to the Clinic policy.

18. Maintain clinic legal policies regarding patients.

19. Ensure that Nursing and Medical records of patients are completed according to clinic policy.

20. Participate in reinforcing strict aseptic related procedures and cross-infection and prevention measures.

21. Monitor technical aptitudes of all nurses reporting to him/her and advise Management accordingly.

22. Take necessary actions to ensure that all basic rules and regulations of Clinic are adhered to (silence, etc.)

23. Ensure that all Clinic staff and consultants are properly dressed and have a clean look.

24. Be responsible for meeting and discussing with suppliers about equipment and consumables.

25. Help in clinic as Qualified Nurse as and when required.

1. See needs and participate in recruitment.

2. Perform regular appraisal with Clinic staff.
3. Assist HR in organising Training and Team Building.

4. Coordinate and guide nursing practice developments in conjunction with the Management, thus ensuring the highest standards of care possible within the reality of specific situations.

5. To act as a role model to the nursing team.

6. To facilitate and encourage personal and professional development of nursing staff in collaboration with CEO.

7. To identify and promote educational opportunities and make proposals of resources for the Clinic.

Undertake any cognate duties that Management may find appropriate for the above post.


1. Qualified nurse preferred.

2. Associate Degree preferred.
3. 2+ years experience in an administrative role at a healthcare practice.
4. Able to handle sensitive patient information with confidentiality.
5. Excellent customer service skills.
6. Professional and courteous in tone and information delivery.
7. Organization and leadership skills.
8. Maintain total confidentiality of personal and financial data.
9. Effectively liaise with other departments.
10. Languages: French and English.
11. Computer skills.

SALARY: negotiable.

APPLICATION PROCESS: interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to info@apsa.mu.

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