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World Diabetes Day 2007

10 November – Screening at APSA International

From 8:30am till 5:00pm, 461 people visited APSA’s office for a free screening. A team of 30 people, composed of nurses, health educators, a podiatrist and a dietician lead them through a complete screening and educational program. The results showed that out of 461 people:

  • 14 % of the visitors had blood sugar levels ≥ 7.5mmol/l
  • 14 % had known diabetes
  • 30 % were overweight
  • 7 % were obese
  • 12% discovered that they had blood pressure ≥ 135/85

14 November – World Diabetes Walk

The association commemorated World Diabetes Day 2007, by joining more than 207,694 people from 70 countries on seven continents on a Walk to help raise awareness about Diabetes.APSA gathered more than 40 participants and collaborated with the Mauritian Diabetes Association (MDA), for the walk at the Auditorium Octavie, in Moka.In Mauritius, the official figures given by the World Diabetes Foundation are 2243 participants all over the island.

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