Ironman challenge to raise funds

Sébastien Bax de Keating and Yannick Doger de Speville have entered the Ironman triathlon, which is taking place in Austria on 18 June 2023.  Since entering, they have decided to use the challenge to support a cause and have chosen to raise awareness about diabetes which is a major health problem in Mauritius.  In so doing, they will be raising funds for APSA, a NGO involved in the fight against diabetes. 

Type 2 Diabetes is affecting 25.8% of the Mauritian population aged 35 and above and it is a growing cause of blindness.

Sébastien and Yannick will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2km across the legendary city of Klagenfurt, Austria. They also want to link this challenge to the fact that exercise, and balanced nutrition are keys to a healthy lifestyle and consequently essential elements to incorporate into the lives of those suffering with diabetes.

Your donation will help APSA to buy a Digital Retinal Camera, a hi-tech machine used to screen diabetic patients and to prevent them from developing serious eye problems, including diabetic retinopathy.

Goal – Rs 1,000,000


Raised - Rs 65,175

(26.0 km)

You can donate by using the details below:

1. Using MCB Juice

“Scan to pay” using the code below

2. By bank transfer:
Name: APSA International ​
MCB A/C: 000020138156