Registered in 1988 in Mauritius Island, APSA International has served the nation in the health sector, bringing aid and assistance to more than 100 000 people. APSA stands for “Association pour la Promotion de la Santé” which is “Association for the Promotion of Health”. Today, APSA International is also present in neighboring countries offering the experience it has acquired over the years. Choose one of these topics to learn more about APSA.



  • To provide for early detection of diabetes and pre-diabetes state
  • To promote a global approach to diabetes care in order to improve quality of life and prevent avoidable, associated, complications.
  • Prevent the onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disease by early detection
    of risk factors
  • Help diabetes sufferers have a better quality of life and prevent
    complications linked to poorly controlled diabetes
  • Provide a comprehensive care approach for people suffering from diabetes


APSA International

APSA stands for “Association pour la Promotion de la SAnté” which is “Association for the Promotion of Health”. The Association was officially registered in 1988 (Reg No. 2891) under the name AVAH (Association Volontaires d’Aide aux Hopitaux – Voluntary Help in Hospitals Association). The name was later changed to APSA International in 1991.
1985: Creation of APSA International (Association pour la Promotion de la Santé) – specializing in the health sector
1994: APSA focuses its activities in the fight against diabetes. Launching of APSA Diabetes Club, a center offering care and follow-up services tailored to the diabetic patient’s need in order to prevent complications
1994 till now: Development of programs to fight against diabetes: prevention among the Mauritian population, education, care and follow-up of people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes-related complications
2009: Opening of the first Diabetes Foot Care Unit in Mauritius
2010: Opening of APSA Diabetes Care Center with a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals dedicated to the comprehensive management of people suffering from diabetes and those at risk
2014: Launching of APSA Foot Care Caravan. This mobile unit moves throughout the island and offers screening, education, and foot care services to people suffering from diabetes
2017: Launching of APSA International new Identity
2015-2018: Knowledge and prevention program through bi-monthly radio programs
APSA is an association, registered in 1988, member of MACOSS and accredited with National CSR Foundation no: NCSRF-/2017/0067. APSA is also a regular member of the ‘World Association of NGOs’ (WANGO) since 2017.