1. APSA Rivière Noire

APSA Rivière Noire is a branch of the APSA Diabetes Care Centre providing a local service to the most vulnerable in the west of Mauritius, using a diabetes/cardiovascular screening and management programme. The APSA Rivière Noire team implements a holistic approach by identifying vulnerable groups, screening them and providing follow-up through training sessions to ensure an improvement in the management of diabetes, and general overall health.

The local team comprises a branch manager, a registered nurse specialized in nutrition, and a health educator. The branch was opened in Sept 2019, and is located close to Black River village and the surrounding vulnerable neighbourhoods. APSA Rivière Noire has formed partnerships with other local NGOs to become more effective in reaching the poorest and to establish a sustainable follow-up.

All the services offered are free, thanks to our private sponsors and CSR.

Achievements : Jan -June 2021

People screened
Foot assessments
People attending training sessions
Nutrition workshops

2. Activities

  1. Screening for diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors
  2. Public screenings
  3. Foot assessments
  4. Training sessions on how to control cardiovascular risk factors
  5. Nutrition workshops
  6. Consultations with our GP specialized in diabetes.