1. Awareness programs in the workplace

a. Screening session

APSA provides diabetes screening to the staff (such as glycaemia test, blood pressure and waist circumference). Our team comprised of registered nurses, health care assistants’ educators and dietitians are present to intervene and answer the queries from the employees. Furthermore, each employee receives a confidential ‘carnet de santé’ with their results which can be used other 5 years when visiting a doctor or going to the hospital. A global statistic report is given to the HR Manager.

b. Awareness session

We also conduct an awareness session on « diabetes, its risks and complications ». This session is done by APSA’s Head of Education and Prevention and a dietitian. Different themes are being addressed such as symptoms and complications of diabetes, healthy eating, doing physical exercises amongst others. The session lasts for 1h15 minutes.

Around 50% of people having diabetes do not even know about it! However, poorly controlled diabetes or a pre-diabetic state causes immediate repercussions on performance of employees: tiredness, decrease in productivity, absenteeism, frequent replacements needed for the absentee. APSA proposes a solution through its health services in companies.

c. Foot care caravan

Our Foot Care Caravan can also be present in an enterprise to provide foot assessments and foot care education to the staff. In addition, a podiatrist also give a general presentation on the importance of taking care of the feet when we are diabetics.
Over the past years, we have provide this service to more than 80 companies. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Participate in this program and make APSA the health partner in your business!