1. RADIO PROGRAMME : PODEM ‘Pran ou Diabet en Main’

Pran Ou Diabet en Main (PODEM) has been running for over 5 years now. It is broadcast on Radio 1 every Wednesday from 10:30am -11:00am. The programme was previously called, ‘Pran Ou lipied en Main’ where it dealt with issues relating to the diabetic foot. Since 2016, its focus has widened to encompass all the different complications related to diabetes.

It all started when Jean Marie Richard, founder and anchor of PODEM, who is a diabetic himself, suffered a wound which nearly ended in amputation. After receiving much care and treatment, he decided it was time for him to help diabetic patients by informing them on the disease.

Every Wednesday, since 2018, the program is broadcast and guest speakers are invited onto the program to discuss specific topics relative to diabetes. Some of the topics that have been addressed include: obesity, hypertension, cholesterol, nutrition, among a number of other related health conditions all linked to diabetes. Over 250 programmes have been broadcast to date. Listeners can catch up on the programme on Sundays via the R1 website or on the Maurice Info webpage.

Écouter PODEM

Pran ou diabet en main

Diabetic feet with Dr Kunal Sibartie, Vascular Surgeon

Diabetes and psoriasis with Dr Sooriamoortee Narrainen from Island Health Centre

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases with Dr Maneesha Baya, Cardiologist

Diabetes and Hepatitis by Dr Pritviputh Rittoo, Association HEP Support

Diabetes and Breast Cancer with Shamina Patel, President of Breast Cancer Care:

2. Newsletter

APSA’s Newsletter is published twice a year in June and December. It is sent out to all APSA’s partners, which include corporates, public institutions, and NGOs. It gives details of the latest news and activities at APSA, addresses a variety of topics relating to the complications caused by diabetes, includes testimonies from patients, as well as useful tips offered by our consultants.

It helps maintain regular contact with our partners as well as informing them of everything going on within APSA. The newsletters are sent out via mail chimp. If you would like to subscribe, please fill in the form found at the bottom of the website or send us your contact details (name, email address and phone number) via info@apsainternational.org

4. Press Cuts

All major APSA events such as World Diabetes Day, Flag Day, varying projects in collaboration with International Organisations, etc., are communicated to the press through press releases, detailing the work APSA does. Press releases are an excellent means of communication to the public about Type 2 diabetes and its complications. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the different services that APSA offers and that everyone can benefit from. Most newspapers have since gone digital, but below are some of the articles which can be found both online and on paper.

Collaboration with World Health Organisation in 2019

World Diabetes Day 2019