1. National ‘Flag Day ‘Fundraising

Each year, in December, APSA holds its annual national Flag Day, which is its main fundraising event. Volunteer collectors dressed in fuchsia t-shirts can be seen dotted around the island, on the streets, in shopping malls, and in numerous other public places, to raise funds for the association. The money collected goes toward the running costs of the association, as well as sponsoring a variety of its activities. APSA’s aim is to give the population access to diabetes care at an affordable price. Every year, we witness the generosity of the Mauritian people who give openhandedly as they join hands with us in the battle of being ‘Together Against Diabetes’.

As a measure of good governance and transparency, APSA’s fundraising counting system is validated by a Professional Accounting Firm. Each year, members from Macoss, nominated accountants and ushers from the Court are invited to be present during the counting of the funds raised during APSA’s Flag Day. This ensures transparency and the good running of such an important operation

2. Institutional Partners

 APSA INTERNATIONAL works in collaboration with a network of institutional partners who offer their expertise and financial partnership in carrying out joint ventures in the field.

Decentralised Cooperation Programme European Union (DCP EU)

2015: Launching of the Foot Care Caravan 

Since its launch in 2015, the APSA Foot Care Caravan has travelled to over 30 villages and towns, reaching thousands of people. The services it offers are all free of charge, and include foot assessments, screening, and instruction to those suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

2011: Funding of APSA Diabetes Care Centre Building 

The building of the APSA Diabetes Care Centre in Trianon was sponsored mainly by the DCP EU with the valuable support of ‘Japon – Aide Publique au Développement’, International Financial Services (IFS), and a number of other donors. The centre was officially launched in 2011. The state-of-the-art building provides the ideal setting for the full range of services that APSA offers to diabetic patients. Approximately 300 patients come to the centre every month, where they receive excellent diabetes care.

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

As part of the project, ‘Fighting Diabetes in the Workplace’, initiated by the Mauritius Research Council, the APSA Foot Care Caravan was parked within the premises of Omnicane Ltd, La Baraque, L’Escalier, and contributed to the project whose aim was to prevent amputation and other complications associated with the diabetic foot.

World Health Organisation (WHO)

In 2019, APSA partnered with WHO to run a programme on ‘Awareness, Education, and Prevention of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases’. This pilot project was carried out in partnership with other local NGO’s amongst the vulnerable communities of the Black River (Rivière Noire) region. It involved conducting diabetes screenings, foot assessments, nutrition workshops, and educational sessions for those suffering from diabetes, and at risk of cardiovascular disease. The sustainability of the programme was reinforced by the launch of the APSA Riviere Noire branch which is now following up those who benefitted from the project.

3. The National CSR Foundation

Many of the projects implemented by APSA are funded through the National CSR Foundation. The foundation has now become one of the main players in financing the various programs run on a regular basis by APSA. Its support remains essential towards the sustainability of our activities.

4. Our CSR Partners & Sponsors

Support from private companies remains vital in sustaining our activities. These companies have become trusted partners over time, and, thanks to them, APSA has been able to run many programs to reach out to the population. These include:

  • Foot Care Caravan visits to villages
  • Opening of APSA Riviere Noire
  • Providing services through the Foot Care Clinic
  • Running educational & nutrition workshops
  • Setting-up of an electronic management system for our patients and much much more….

Our sponsors