APSA International (Association Pour la Promotion de la Santé) was established in 1988 as a non-profit organisation and registered under Reg No: 2891. For the past 25 years, APSA has been constantly active in both medical and social spheres. But since 1991, it has been particularly involved in the fight against Type 2 Diabetes, and, since that time, has been able to contribute directly to the well-being of thousands of Mauritians.

2. APSA Diabetes Care Center

In 2010, APSA opened its head office in Trianon, under the name of ‘APSA Diabetes Care Centre. It offers a comprehensive approach in patient care and management. The centre is a ‘one-stop shop’ and offers a variety of services to people suffering from diabetes and to those who are at risk, including individual appointments with health professionals, foot-care treatment, neuro-rehabilitation programs, nutrition workshops, and instructional group sessions. In 2019, APSA opened up a branch in the west of the Island, in Black River, to provide a screening and follow-up service to locals.

APSA International has also extended its expertise into neighbouring countries and has even opened up a branch in Botswana.

3. Mission Statement

  • To prevent the on-set of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease by early detection of the risk factors.
  • To help those suffering from diabetes to achieve a better quality of life and to prevent complications caused by inadequately controlled diabetes.
  • To provide a comprehensive care approach for people suffering from diabetes.

4. Word of the President

Dear Partners,

For over 25 years, APSA has succeeded in providing a quality service to thousands of people suffering from diabetes, while bringing hope and a smile to patients and their families.

This past year has been no different. We have continued to offer quality services at the APSA Diabetes Care Centre, such as the Foot Care Clinic, education group sessions and the nutritional workshops. Each year, the team makes every effort to meet the needs of patients and their loved ones.

Last year, APSA worked in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other various local NGOs to meet the needs of the Black River population and its surrounding regions. APSA even opened a new branch in the area to offer a local service of proximity to one of the most vulnerable population areas of the island.

I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who have been part of these achievements in one way or another. Thank you dear partners, sponsors, the board of directors, and the entire APSA Diabetes Care Centre team.

APSA in the fight against diabetes!
Audrey Hardy

5. Structure

Our Board

Mrs. Audrey HARDY

Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Liliane THESEE

Mr. Clyde THOMAS

Mr. Jean Paul PYNDIAH

Miss. Bernadette MOK

Mr. Patrick MEYEPA

Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Jean Pierre DEVILLE

Our Staff


Ms. Maiti Chagny

Head of Office Management
Ms. Vidousha Dussaruth

Accounts and Purchasing Supervisor
Ms. Natasha Mooneesawmy

Communication, Media and Events
Mrs Priyanta Bulluck Ramtohul

Ms. Kelly Jolicoeur

Facility Supervisor
Mrs. Mauricette Azor

Mrs. Nolla Cotte

The Clinic

Clinic Manager
Dr Luqman Sheik Nisa

Senior Medical Advisor
Dr Damien Steciuk

Registered nurses
Mrs. Djemilla Marianne
Mrs. Shirley Mohun
Mrs. Geraldine Chantoiseau
Mrs. Emmanuelle Payet Azor

Mrs Swashinee Khoosye

Healthcare Assistants
Mrs. Anishta Taukoor
Mrs. Vanessa Caussy
Mrs. Sandra Laguette

Mrs. Sabrina Vyapooree

Medical Secretary
Ms. Vinoda Pyndiah

Assistant Medical Secretary/Receptionist
Ms. Anju Roy Heerowa

Healthcare Educators
Mrs. Hema Raganakeddi


Diabetologist & Endocrinologist
Dr Noormuhammad Oosman Abbasakoor
Dr Anjuli Gunness

Dr Maneesha Bhaya

Mrs Teenusha Soobrah

Mrs. Sheenu Zacharia

Mrs. Sapna Jagessur-Mudhoo

Specialist in Internal Medicine
Dr Muhammad Arshad Peerbux

Plastic Surgeon
Dr Abdel Yusuf Abbass Mamode


International Project Manager
Mrs. Veronique La Hausse de Lalouviere

Head of Education and Prevention
Mrs. Kamla Pandoo

Head of Fundraising
Mrs. Ingrid Hart de Keating

APSA Riviere Noire

Branch Manager/Consultant APSA
Ms. Maiti Chagny

Registered nurse & Branch coordinator
Mrs. Valerie Chetty-Bolaram

Health care Educator/Secretary
Ms. Fabiola Bordelais

Consulting GP
Dr Sharvanah Gopee

6. Affiliation


APSA has been registered with MACOSS since 1988. As an umbrella organization for NGOs, MACOSS aims to promote social and community development, and voluntary action through non-governmental organisations.


APSA has been accredited by the National CSR Foundation – NCSRF-/2017/0067. The Foundation’s principal mandate is to undertake programmes and projects for the benefit of individuals and families registered under the Social Register of Mauritius (SRM), and of vulnerable groups in priority areas such as health.


APSA has also been a regular member of the World Association of NGOs (WANGO) since 2017. WANGO is an international organization uniting NGOs worldwide that helps to provide the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner and multiply their contributions to solve humanity’s basic problems.